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Home: reflections for Anthony Shadid

Last week, Anthony Shadid’s memoir House of Stone – which tells of the author’s attempts to rebuild his dilapidated family home in Marjayoun, Lebanon and in turn of a search for identity in a restless Middle East – was published in the UK. To celebrate, Granta published a series of short meditations by writers including Teju Cole, Rawi Hage, Ha Jin, A.L. Kennedy, Yiyun Li and Santiago Roncagliolo on where we think of – if anywhere – when we think of going home.


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    I highly recommend reading these excerpts, and then I hope you reflect on if you have a home and what or who it might...
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    It’s Anthony Shadid week over at Granta. There is some great meditations on identity; our favorite is Teju Cole’s on...
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    Absolutely heartbreaking, all of these.
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